How to Find Best Shipping Forwarder in a Minutes

Nowadays, the demands of supplies or goods from abroad or distant place is increasing. This is due to the scarcity of certain materials or good in that place. Therefore, it is sent through shipping or freight forwarder. Freight forwarder is a company organizing shipments from one place to another through air, ocean, or inland transportation.  Are you looking for best shipping forwarder to distribute your goods safely? Get help from Tera Logistics.

What is Tera Logistics?

Tera logistics is a wesbite owned by PT Tera Logistik International based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has website that facilitates shippers and forwarder to do export and import acitivities. Hence, Tera logistics helps shipper to get information about reliable logistics provider to choose. Logistics provider is registered company in Tera Logistics that can belong to either freight forwarder responsible for delivering cargo or warehouse company having their own warehouse or rent. Thus, Tera logistics acts as an online logistics markerplace providing quotations according to price, estimated time of shipment, and reviews of the registered companies.

Looking for best shipping forwarder is an easy way to do these days. It’s because you can use this platform of forwarder marketplace to find it.

How to Find Best Shipping Forwarder in Tera Logistic

If you are looking for a choice of skipping forwarder sites that are good and quality, you can actually find best shipping forwarder in a very easy way. One of them can take advantage of the search features available in the Tera Logistic forwarder marketplace. There you can do a search in a very easy way as follows:

  1. Open the browser on a smartphone or computer
  2. Visit site
  3. Use the filters available; search by A-Z, by rating, by country and others
  4. Search results will appear
  5. Please read the review of each result
  6. Choose one of the best choices …

What are Prohibited Cargo to send by Tera Logistics?

Although Tera Logistics is best forwarder, it implements prohibition to some type of cargo. These kinds of cargo is not allowed to use this site.


  1. Goods for terrorist
  2. Goods from illegal logging
  3. Protected animals
  4. Narcotics and other illegal drugs
  5. Goods used for criminal acts such as theft or murdering
  6. Human trafficking or human organs
  7. Other goods as stipulated by the government
  8. Counterfeits violating intellectual property right


A lots of information is given in the website including all registered providers. Shippers can browse for freight forwarder, warehouse provider, as well as truck company to examine and read all information on their profile. Please visit to browse other information and get best shipping forwarder.

Get A More Affordable Komodo Island Tours From Lombok

Not many people know that Komodo Island tours from Lombok is cheaper than a travel package than from Labuan Bajo or Denpasar. This is indeed reasonable because most of the tourists who will visit Komodo Island mostly come from bali island tours. Komodo Island tours from Lombok have quite significant differences. Apart from the different price factors, the offer of more tourist attractions and longer trip times become its advantage.
Also, the mileage that is faster than Lombok which only takes 2 hours is the main attraction when compared to the distance from Labuan Bajo which must take up to 3 hours.

Therefore, try to start the Komodo Island tours from Lombok if there is another chance. Komodo Island tours from Lombok are the most popular
If you are looking for a cheap Komodo Island tours from Lombok, it never hurts for you to try this one. The name of this tour package is called Lombok Komodo Adventure.

This package is a lot of interest. Ranging from domestic tourists to foreign tourists. Because indeed, the price of this tour package is fairly cheap with adequate facilities as well.
In this package, you will have up to 4 days and 4 nights to travel to Komodo Island and Lombok. Later, not only tours to Komodo Island, but also you will be invited to tour around the island of Lombok and enjoy the tours there.
For accommodation, you don’t need to worry, later you will be able to sleep on the boat that you will be traveling in during this tour package. It usually depends on the package you choose too because the accommodations here offer to lodge on the deck of the ship or the cabin of the ship.

Only with 2 million in cash, you will be able to enjoy it all. The price is very affordable at all not for Komodo Island tours from Lombok.

Route on the Komodo Island tours from Lombok

If you are curious about what routes are offered on the Komodo Island tours from Lombok, you should read this first. The route offered usually starts with tourist attractions from Lombok, Komodo Island, to Labuan Bajo.
There are several choices of Komodo Island tours from Lombok that you can choose. For a long day duration alone can reach up to 6 days. Of course, with the duration of the tour that will make you satisfied and will not regret choosing the Komodo Island tour package from Lombok.

For 6 days, usually, the trip will start from Bangsal and then continue to Senggigi. The final destination of this tour package itself will return to Senggigi right on day 6. How, interesting to try is not the Komodo Island tours from Lombok.