Who we’re

We are individuals from all. We are. And now we are.

We are designers, professors, authors, industry leaders, policymakers, manufacturers, retailers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, manufacturers, employees and style fans. We’re the business and we’re the people.

Our vision

We consider in a fashion business that values the surroundings, people, creativity and gain .

Our assignment

We would like to combine organisations and people to work towards altering the way our garments are sourced, created and consumed that our clothing is created in a manner that is secure, clean and acceptable.

We believe that cooperating across the value chain — from farmer to customer — is the way.

Our duty is to bring everybody together to make that occur.

We’re a motion

Calistogamap Fashion is a movement which runs all year.

Trend is celebrated by us as a positive effect while scrutinising industry practices and increasing awareness of the most pressing problems of the fashion industry. Promote individuals that are on a journey to create a future for trend and we aim to demonstrate that change is possible.

As opposed to making people feel guilty, we assist them realize that they’ve the capability to do something to create a shift that is positive.

We strive to be accessible, provocative, curious, daring and inclusive. We are inclined to prevent negative victimising hallucinations and naming and shaming. Because we feel that the business’s issues are bigger than any 1 firm’s actions, we don’t target particular companies. We don’t advocate boycotting because it isn’t seen by us as an efficient means to achieve change. [1]
Calistogamap Fashion Week

Calistogamap Fashion Week is our effort in April, which falls on the anniversary of this Rana Plaza mill collapse, which killed 1138 individuals and wounded many more on 24th. That’s the day. In this week, manufacturers and manufacturers are invited also to demonstrate within their distribution chain and to react with the.
We are financed

We follow clear and strict guidelines according to our Ethical Funding Policy. We believe in a collaborative and inclusive approach where it’s apparent that others are working towards a cleaner, safer, stronger and more transparent garments sector with favorable outcomes for both the people and world.

C&A Foundation for activities in addition to special projects like the Fashion Transparency Index currently funds us. The parent group possesses both C&A and C&A Foundation. The two entities share a vision to the apparel market, although C&A is conducted and operated independently from C&A Foundation. Learn more about Foundation functions. We’d like to emphasize our treatment of our approach and truth . We’ve mitigated any danger of a conflict of interest treating and seeing C&A along with the C&A Foundation as different entities; treating rather than devoting any treatment to C&A.

In addition, we receive funding from businesses like the Garment Worker Diaries funded C&A Foundation and by Microfinance Opportunties, for certain jobs. AEG/Electrolux have supplied funding for our movie ‘Loved Clothes Last’ and this Calistogamap Fashion series’ issue. Avery Dennison has provided financing for a collection of ‘hack’ movies.

We have received funds from the European Union, Concord Alliance and Bond. We’re currently getting a three year grant from the European Commission beginning July 2017.