Guarantee 4 Best Ways To Sell T Shirts Online – Even When You’re Bored

How To Sell T-Shirts Online? There are 4 Best Ways To Sell T Shirts Online !

There are many reasons to sell t-shirts online. Perhaps you have a great design that people will love. Perhaps you are a custom tshirt enthusiast looking to make a side business. You could be tapping into an international market that is worth more than $1B annually.

You could make a lot of money online selling t-shirts. How do you sell tee shirts online? These are the four best ways to sell t shirts online to go about it.

#1 Design And Sell T Shirts Online on T-shirts and Art Marketplaces

T-shirt and art marketplaces are your first channel for t-shirt sales. These marketplaces are also known as print-on-demand websites. They allow you to upload your design and create mockups. Then, you can start selling to a potential customer base.

These services are not all equal. However, you can expect to make $3-$6 per shirt sold. You can use these marketplaces to create mockups so that you can show customers how your tee-shirt will look. They will also take care of printing the shirt and shipping it once you have received an order.

These sites are usually free to use, other than the time and effort you put into them. In almost all cases, these sites have thousands of visitors every day.

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Despite the high traffic these marketplaces receive, you’ll still need to market your products on your own. This could include sharing your designs via social media, emailing friends, and other methods to drum up customers. You can sell more t-shirts online if you market more.

These are eight t-shirt marketplaces that you can try.

  • Design by Humans
  • Teespring
  • Zazzle
  • Spreadshirt
  • Redbubble
  • Threadless
  • Society6
  • CafePress

#2 Design And Sell T Shirts Online On Retail Marketplaces

You can sell your t-shirts on popular retail sites like Amazon, eBay or Etsy

Amazon is an example of a leading e-commerce site in America, so your tees may be seen by tens to thousands of potential customers.

However, retail marketplaces may be more expensive than art and t-shirt marketplaces initially.

These retail marketplaces might charge you (1) a listing fee for each item you post; (2) an annual subscription fee or service fee; (3) a transaction fee, or (4) a combination of all three. Some retail marketplaces will charge you a commission regardless of whether you sell a shirt or not.

You will require your own printing and fulfillment of t-shirts. You can do this in several ways, including by using a third-party print-on-demand drop shipping service.

Print and Print Aura allow you to upload your tee-shirt designs, create mockups, and then sell them on Amazon or Etsy. You will receive an order once it has been received.

These are some retail marketplaces that you might consider:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Bonanza
  • Sears
  • Rakuten

There are also two other options: you can sell on the retail marketplaces.

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Amazon began accepting a few tee-shirt designers to its Merch by Amazon service. This service is somewhere between a teeshirt marketplace, as described above, and a general retail marketplace.

Merch by Amazon guarantees no upfront fees. We will print and ship your t-shirts and list your products on

To sell t-shirts on online marketplaces, you can also create your own e-commerce-enabled shop.

eCommerce platforms like 3dcart, for example, can integrate with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can share products from your online store to any or all of these marketplaces by listing them.

best ways to sell t shirts online
best ways to sell t shirts online

#3: Sell Your T-Shirts On Facebook

You might want to sell tee shirts on Facebook if you’re a social media guru.

You will need to print the t-shirts and ship them, just like a general retail market. You will again be able to partner with a drop shipper of print-on-demand T-shirts and integrate with 3dcart for order processing and inventory management.

There are at least two ways to sell t-shirts via Facebook.

First, you may have the opportunity to sell directly through a Facebook Business Page by using Facebook’s Shop Section. This Shop Section allows you to post products and accept online payments via Stripe or PayPal.

Another option is to use an online e-commerce platform to sell on multiple channels, including social media. You can integrate your 3dcart store with Facebook.

#4 Sell from Your Own Online T-shirt Shop

The last best way to sell t shirts online is you will need your own e-commerce shop if you are serious about selling t-shirts online. You have complete control over the design, pricing, and marketing of your store.

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You will need to print each order and ship them, just like with the majority of the other channels. Like we did it in

You can again outsource printing and fulfillment services if you use Printful, Tshirtgang, Printer Aura, or something similar. You can also integrate your online store with the retail marketplaces as well as Facebook.