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The fashion style of decades past still remain to be a hot talk of the town until this very day, for the main reason that they are truly worth reminiscing for their uniqueness and creativity. The 80s is well regarded to be the decade of excess, a time when almost all things need to be on the grand scale, particularly in the field of fashion. The men have not been exempted from the rule and in fact, the 1980s men fashion had so much to do with the things that they liked in terms of music and society.

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Men’s Style in the 80s – What Did They Wear Back Then?

The 1980s men fashion can be considered as quite different compared to the prior decades. Gone were those styles of the 70s, the renowned disco era when the looks of the people were greatly influenced by the androgynous pop stars, action film celebrities, hair metal bands, and the hip-hop culture. The fashion trends among men of the 80s were also reflections of those clothes worn by stars in TV shows, personalities who have taken the decade by storm with their somewhat bold sense in fashion. Most of the styles had no limits during those years. You will commonly see men wearing clothes for work which also seemed suitable for the leisure activities, like night out parties in the clubs. Whatever your taste might be in the 80s, there will surely be one fashion style that will best suit your personality.

The Rise of the Hawaiian Shirt

Due to the explosive fame of Magnum, P.I detective series, also among the hottest 1980s men fashion trend is the Hawaiian shirt, which was worn by the said TV show’s star, Tom Selleck. The sales of these shirts had skyrocketed, together with the numbers of those men from different walks of life who were all sporting mustaches, paired with the sport coats usually with lapels that are top-stitched in order to achieve a custom tailored look.

Miami Vice Look

One series that also served as a trendsetter during the era was Miami Vice, wherein the lead male stars wore casual shirts underneath pricey suit jackets that are commonly in pastel or bright colors. The jackets that completed the look was usually complemented by padded and broad shouldered jackets and facial hair of several days’ growth, which was referred to as the “designer stubble,” the look that has been popularized by Don Johnson, Miami Vice series’ leading man.


Preppy Get-up

There was also the resurgence of an entirely different look, which is the complete throwback to the prior Ivy League or collegiate look of the 50s. The advocates and wearers rallied in opposition to the trendier styles that have been discussed above. The revival style boasted of a different sense of snob appeal, which was then summarized to the hugely well known popular paperback of that era, entitled The Official Preppy Handbook. The cultural backlash of the preppy look has spread faster than wildfire, which inspired a rooted sense of social sensibility which included and extended to all means of socialization and consumables.

Truly, the 1980s men fashion has been a healthy clash between different fashion styles, all of which brought out the best out of the men of the era.