What Does Tee Mean

Transesophageal Echocardiography TEE What is transesophageal echocardiography. A standard echocardiogram or Echo is obtained by applying a transducer to the front of the chest.

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Two types of Tee are available Equal Tee and Reducing Tee.

What does tee mean. It basically breaks the output of a program so that it can be both displayed and saved in a file. Because it travels through the. The command is named after the T-splitter used in plumbing.

What does TEE mean. If your TEE is lower than the calories you take in you will gain weight. A device as a post or peg on which a ball is placed to be hit or kicked in various sports a golf tee a football tee WORD OF THE DAY.

Sports Games A mark aimed at in certain games such as curling or quoits. Publicizing the groupings and their tee times is a way pro tournaments help golf fans follow their favorite golfers. However in pigged pipelines one special type of tee connection is widely used which is known as Barred Tee or Pigged Tee.

Tee command reads the standard input and writes it to both the standard output and one or more files. If your TEE is higher than the number of calories you take in each day then youll continue to lose weight. Something shaped like a T.

Its a internet-ified version of toutoi written as 尊い. Hence the term. It describes actions of others or how youre feeling about someones actions rather.

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Tee synonyms tee pronunciation tee translation English dictionary definition of tee. The tee time is the time at which you tee off In professional golf a tee time is the designated time that a group of pros typically playing in groups of two or three begins its round of golf. Transesophageal echocardiography TEE is performed to assist in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disorders when noninvasive echocardiography is contraindicated or does not reveal enough information to confirm a diagnosis.

Tee or Tee connection in piping engineering is a very important pipe fitting and is frequently used to combine or divide a flow. Tee-heed tee-heeing. This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym abbreviation shorthand or slang term.

Your TEE Total Energy Expenditure is the number of calories you burn in a typical day. Transesophageal echocardiography TEE is a test that produces pictures of your heart. An instance of giggling or tittering.

It literally means precious but its a Japanese emotion word thats hard to explain what it means without just understanding it. How does TEE differ from a standard ECHO. The ultrasound beam travels through the chest wall skin muscle bone tissue and lungs to reach the heart.

Teitei written as ていてい or てぇてぇ. TEE total energy expenditure which involves the BMR 50-70 physical activity 15-30 and TEF 10 BMR basal metabolic rate which is the amount of energy expended per hour in kcalhr BEE basal energy expenditure which is the BMR24-hour period. Tee-hee definition used as an exclamation or representation of laughter as in expressing amusement or derision See more.

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Weve got 24 definitions for TEE What does TEE stand for. Kids Definition of tee. A sound made in imitation of a giggle or titter.

TEE uses high-frequency sound waves ultrasound to make detailed pictures of your heart and the arteries that lead to and from it. Tee definition the letter T or t. A tee is a stand used to support a stationary ball so that the player can strike it particularly in golf tee ball American football and rugby.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 000 0. Tee-hee synonyms tee-hee pronunciation tee-hee translation English dictionary definition of tee-hee.

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